Idea for Gizmo Widget

I'd like to propose an idea for the Gizmo Widget that would benefit from what we learned after today's meeting. Currently there is no way to measure the acceleration on the Gizmo. The recent developments on the prototype accelerometer from the engineering department have been promising. It gives me hope that we can find a way to integrate this feature into Acme products, especially the Gizmo Widget. Tom has told me that a lot of users have wanted an accelerometer on the Gizmo for a long time, so with these new developments, why not push to include an accelerometer on the Gizmo?

To get this feature off the ground, we need to figure out a timeline for getting the accelerometer ready for production. With a timeline in mind, we could get some copy ready to create hype around a new accelerometer for the Gizmo. I've talked with Sarah and she says the Marketing team can help create some email and social campaigns for the accelerometer. All we need to do is get the Product team on board from the start and ask for their advice. I'll get a meeting scheduled with Miley from Product to talk about this. Once Product is on board they can talk with Engineering and get the specs and their copy ready for the launch.

An accelerometer will not only help us retain current customers but attract new ones. We've developed a lot of good will from the Gizmo. It's reliable and well-built. Now we just have to continue improving it so our customers know we're listening. We can't rest on our laurels. We have to keep improving. A new accelerometer will prove just that.

Let me know if you have any questions and feel free to post anything on the team instance about the idea.